Amazing 3D murals

Imagine an earthquake has ripped through a city, cracking the fascias of modern buildings to reveal amazing architecture, hidden from view for thousands of years. You realise the corner shop was hiding a Mayan burial chamber, and behind the University’s dull exterior, a Greek temple! Do your eyes deceive you? Of course they do. The murals, which fool audiences from New Zealand to Hawaii, are the work of John Pugh, who specialises in a trompe d’oeil, or trick-of-the-eye, artistry.

Californian Pugh paints enormous images onto the flat side of buildings, tricking viewers into seeing a 3D image. “It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked,” said Pugh. “Public art can link people together and stimulate a sense of pride within the community. These life-size illusions allow me to communicate with a very large audience.”

Pics via The Art Tree Blog

Video via langblank

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