Amazing artist – Andy Goldsworthy

Few pieces of art, and even fewer artists are truly amazing. Andy Goldworthy is the standard bearer for this rare, special breed. Sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, Goldsworthy uses natural objects to create permanent and temporary site-specific art and environmental sculptures. His work highlights both the beauty and destructive tendencies of nature.

Amazingly, Goldsworthy uses no tools to create his art: To create the ice sculpture above, he collected the icicles, shaped them by hand and used his body heat to create the joints. Below, individual Rowan leaves were used to create the vortex.  He finds all his instruments and materials in the immediate vicinity of his work, and therefore, the work is unique to that location.

“I find some of my new works disturbing, just as I find nature as a whole disturbing. The landscape is often perceived as pastoral, pretty, beautiful – something to be enjoyed as a backdrop to your weekend before going back to the nitty-gritty of urban life. But anybody who works the land knows it’s not like that. Nature can be harsh – difficult and brutal, as well as beautiful. You couldn’t walk five minutes from here without coming across something that is dead or decaying.”

So entrenched is he with the rhythms of the wild, he has created a network of art across the countryside of southern France. The “Goldsworthy Canvas” stretches across an area of almost four hundred square miles, where enthusiasts can look at and live in a piece of Goldsworthy art. Have a look at the article.

Video via NewBrazdolf

Pictures Prof Richard Beck

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