Amazing interactive laser forest

Do you remember the feeling of walking through a forest as a child? The alien size and shape of the trees, the cool, soft quiet of the forest floor, the melodies of birdsong from the treetops? Now innovators, creators and musicians Marshmallow Laser Feast have recreated the same mystique and awe for an adult audience.

laser Forest 2

Laser forest 3

Laser Forest 4

Laser Forest 5

Laser Forest features of 150 rods of light, erected in a disused factory space. When the rods are touched or moved, they sway like the leaves on a tree and emit light and audio effects, mirroring the natural sways and harmonies of a forest.

Marshmallow Laser Feast’s talents are diverse and exceptional. With a remit of exploring interactive and real time art, the boys have spent the past ten years honing their skills and developing jaw-dropping installations to establish themselves on the artist circuit and work with some big names including the Mclaren F1 team. Whether it’s quadcopters which bounce light around an audience or projection mapping of an interactive living room, you can see more of Marshmallow Feast here:

All info, vids and pics from The Creators Project

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