Amazing jingle trucks of Pakistan

Forget hydraulics, chrome, spinning alloys and DVD players. Pimping one’s ride is an age old process, mastered by the craftsmen of Pakistan.

All across Pakistan, this rolling folk art has turned village lanes, city streets and long-distance highways into a national gallery without walls, a free-form, kaleidoscopic exhibition in perpetual motion. The vast majority of Pakistan’s trucks, buses and motorized rickshaws are riots of colour, bedizened top to bottom with eye-popping landscapes, portraits, calligraphic poetry, religious verses and wisecracking expressions of star-spangled banter.

The metamorphosis of an old Bedford to a mobile piece of art is a painstaking and expensive business. In Karachi alone, there are 50,000 craftsmen willing to turn ramshackle colonial wrecks into their owner’s pride and joy:

Pics via Twister Sifter
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