Amazing light festival – Lumiere 2011

With a remit to collate the most amazing stuff in the world, we can sometimes neglect the talent on our doorstep. With this in mind, the Amazing Stuff team made the short journey from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Durham, to experience the jaw-loosening wonderment of Lumiere, Durham’s amazing light festival.

While the cold, dark North Eastern nights may not be ideal for base jumping, gondola racing or a barefoot waterskiing with a helicopter, they are perfect for a light festival. Lumiere first graced Durham’s narrow cobbled streets in 2009, when 75,000 visitors were crammed into the winding market lanes to witness a world class display of illumination art. This year, 150,000 excited revellers eclipsed the city’s 36,000 population to view the light works from artists such as Tracey Emin, Cedric Le Borgne and Peter Lewis. The 35 attractions included an interactive dance floor, a family of illuminated flying figures, and a giant snow globe in the city’s market place.

The festival’s highlight was the illumination of Durham Cathedral with Ross Ashton’s Crown of Light. The North face of the Norman structure was turned into dynamic canvas, shrouded in images from the Lindisfarne Gospels, set to a heart thumping soundtrack of invasion, war and crusade. See the video below for the show.

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Vids via backtrackband and Durhamtelly

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