Amazing long exposure photos

Have you ever taken a photograph of a friend in low light who moves unexpectedly? What happens? You probably lose your temper because they become a smudge of colour as the they track across the field of vision. This is because your camera’s exposure is too long. It can be frustrating, but artist David Gilliver has used the effect to his advantage.

Gilliver, a finance worker by day and a long exposure wizard by night, lives on Guernsey, the perfect location for making such striking images. The island experiences relatively little light pollution, making his pictures all the more mesmerising. The 31-year-old uses light-sabres, glow-sticks, torches and brightly coloured wires to create the psychedelic scenes.

By using a long-duration shutter speed on his camera, Gilliver can make the stationary images look sharp, while the moving images look blurred. This technique is also used in Michael Bosanko’s Light Graffiti. The results are truly amazing.

Pics via Daily Mail and David Gilliver’s site

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