Amazing moiré animations

If you are desperate to create some amazing stuff but feel that you haven’t got the money or the guts to do it, these amazing moiré animations show that something ingenious and fascinating can be created out of next to nothing. In fact, the creator of this video (and the music), brusspup, has generously made the images available for you to print out and make your own!

First, print this one onto a transparency (click the images for large versions):

Moire animation transparency

And then print a special moire image onto plain paper. E.g. animated cat illusionMoire animation cat

Or the animated gunshot pacman illusion:

Moire animation gun

You could also try the circles, the rotating sphere or the walking man illusion.

Moiré was originally a name given to a type of fabric which combined a number of layers to produce an interesting sheen. The effect results from the intersection of repeating patterns when they are overlaid, and is explained in this extremely complicated-looking paper. It is also often the cause of unexpected effects in digital photographs, such as this one:

Moire effect photograph

But this natural quirk of mathematics can be exploited to unlimited creative possibilities. How about a short animation film done entirely with the moiré illusion? In the following video brusspup explains how to create your own moiré animation:

One designer has even come up with a piece of furniture based on the illusion. The “Magic Carp-pet” is a glass table printed with black lines, which makes the magic carpet beneath come to life when you walk past! It won the 2011 Red Dot Design Award.

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