Amazing shadowgraphy

Shadowgraphy, or obromaine, is the art of performing using shadows. Its true origins are unknown, since shadows are as old as light itself, but records show the art of telling stories with hand shadows was used in the far east as early as the 10th century, and popularised in Europe by the 19th century performer Felicien Trewey, who was famous for making silhouettes of famous personalities. Since then, the art has been in decline, generally because of the abundance of other entertainment forms and the omnipresence of electric lights. Raymond Crowe, an Australian ‘unsusualist’, is trying to regenerate the form. Needless to say, the results are amazing.

The simplicity of shadowgraphy and its ability to tell stories has led to various advertising campaigns, often with poignant and striking messages, including this one to end human trafficking and slavery:

Others, like this Volkswagen commercial, are just quite impressive.

Vids via toonbug, timegrable and chaddy06

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