Amazing tape art

With Christmas feeling like an distant memory of belt-buckle sizes past, the perennial question of what to do with all your left over packing tape has finally been answered… and it’s amazing.

Like Gorges Braque, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, Max Zorn has created an artistic movement to challenge, inspire and delight: Tape Art.

“The idea to use light as a medium was born during a nightly run through Amsterdam. The nice old street lamps with their golden light seemed perfect to be used as an open gallery for the first test of my modified tape-art.
The installation was very simple by just clamping the taped glass onto street lamps and once the light illuminates the many layers of tape, it creates a very graphic picture that seems to be self-glowing.”

Of course preparing the tape art is only half of task. Putting it on the lamps of Europe’s metropolises is an altogether different challenge…

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