Street art – gritty, political, rebellious, controversial, anonymous and often, ugly. Beauty is never in question with the quasi-classical work of Spanish artist Borondo.

Using similar techniques to great mural painters of yesteryear, Borondo creates huge human edifices which appear camouflaged but unfinished, inviting the casual onlooker to explore the incredible detail.

Aside from his outdoor work, Borondo exhibits frequently across Europe. His most recent exhibition, Status Symbol, opened on Saturday in Rome’s 999gallery.

“As Aldous Huxley wrote, we live in two worlds: the world of facts and the world of symbols. The social life is built on a base of symbols that … become rules and institutions. In consequence, the world of everyday life is a symbolic world; it is developed in the framework of secular and sacred symbols, but also symbols that create institutions, which become symbols of language, customs, fashions, ways of being. Human beings tend to sort their feelings, desires and thoughts through forms symbolic as religion, art, myths, language and dress.” – Borondo

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