Bryan Berg: Cardstacker

Bryan Berg is a patient man. He spends his days building house of cards after house of cards, only to have to blow them down again with a fan. He has held the world record for the tallest house of cards since 1992, but, still with no challengers, every so often he has no choice but to topple his own record with an even taller house of cards. All the same, Mr. Berg is patient.

Young Bryan Berg

When his grandfather first showed him how to stack cards, age 8, Bryan was hooked. From then on he’d ‘spend snow days home from school in Iowa building bigger and bigger towers in my parents’ living room,’ until he eventually broke the record for World’s Tallest House of Freestanding Playing Cards for high school maths project, with a tower 14 feet, 6 inches tall (4.67 metres). Since then he has been commissioned to break that record 10 times; it currently stands at 25 feet, 9 inches (7.86 metres).

Tallest house of cards

After much research with a microscope, Berg developed a cardstacking technique that mirrored honeycomb-/waffle-type structures in nature, allowing him to construct edifices that are amazingly sturdy. ‘I often build a platform of cards and stack it with concrete blocks, a wheelbarrow full of bricks, or even people visiting the exhibit. They’re always really surprised to see how strong a house of cards really is,’ he patiently explains.

Brian Berg Capitol

Berg’s method enables him to create incredibly elaborate card-sculptures that replicate real buildings, such as the US Capitol building, above. His amazing display at Macao’s Venetian Hotel (featured in the video) consisted of 218,792 cards, took 44 days to build, and won him another world record for the Largest Card Structure.

Patience, Bryan, patience.

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Pics and video from Bryan Berg’s site

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