Cayce Zavaglia

Cross stitch for the 21st century? St. Louis based artist Cayce Zavaglia is revolutionising the needle and thread as a method of artistic impression. Stich by stitch, Zavaglia uses her background as a painter to create incredibly lifelike portraits.

“My work unabashedly nods its head to the tradition of tapestry and my own love of craft. Using wool instead of oils has allowed me to broaden the dialogue between portrait and process as well as propose a new definition for the word ‘painting’.” – Cayce Zavaglia

The reverse imaging process used by Zavaglia to create her portraits also shows the duality of the human personality: the day to day ‘face’, our fronts, contrasted with the back, littered with scars and thread, inner imperfections and conflicts.

The following video shows the painstaking lengths Zavaglia goes to to create her amazing art.

Take a look at Zavaglia’s homepage for more inspiration.

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