Classical paintings on human flesh

Since the 1990s, US artists Chadwick and Spector have been raiding the archives of art museums around the world, discovering hidden art, and exposing it as a painting on human flesh. They then photograph the resulting artwork and blow the image up to the size of the original painting, creating post-modern feedback loop into which they’ve inextricably woven themselves as creators. Ironically, the process of printing the images for exhibition is so costly that, like the original paintings, only a fraction of their own work has been seen in that form.

As Chadwick puts it, “We’ve created our own personal collection of unseen artwork from around the world, on our own storage facility: an external hard-drive.”

As a second-best though, we can still look at them on the screen:

Human flesh paintings 10

Human flesh paintings 9

Human flesh paintings 8

Human flesh paintings 7

Each image can take between five and 15 hours to make, and the resulting creation plays tricks with your brain as its facial recognition module stays on constant alert, refusing to ignore the human form that lies behind the painting. It’s an effect that is reminiscent of the invisible artist Liu Bolin and Guido Daniele’s ‘Handimals’.

Human flesh paintings 6

Human flesh paintings 5

Human flesh paintings 4

Human flesh paintings 3

Human flesh paintings 2

Human flesh paintings 1

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To see more images, check out Chadwick and Spector’s website

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