Desert Breath

If you were to develop a piece of art to represent the infinity of the desert and the infinity of the sea, how would you go about it? This was the challenge facing the artists of Desert Breath in 1997.

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Lying on the shore of the Egypt’s Red Sea, in the Sahara Desert, is one of the biggest land art installations int he world: Desert Breath occupies 100,000 square metres in the Sahara Desert and required the displacement of 8,000 cubic metres of sand for its completion over a 9 month construction period. The team, D.A.ST. Arteam, was founded in 1995 by: Danae Stratou (installation artist), Alexandra Stratou (industrial designer & architect), Stella Constantinides (architect). The sequence of cones are about 4 metres high and have a 15 metre diameter. Made to be walked around and through, the installation at once gives you a sense of enormous size, but the perspective of organic growth, representing the differing landscapes of the desert and the sea. At Desert Breath’s heart is an Oasis of water offering a pleasing juxtaposition from the searing desert sun.






While today the piece is showing signs of decay, it remains a significant part of the desert’s landscape and can be seen on satellite images on Google Earth (To view Desert Breath on Google Earth go to coordinates: 27°22’54.59″N, 33°37’48.46″E)

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