Diem Chau – micro sculptor

What do you do when you snap a pencil? Curse under your breath, bite a lip, clench a fist, then sharpen it? In that crucial time between breaking and re sharpening, you may have forgotten that all important next word in your essay, lost the curve line of a drawing or just be so annoyed that you throw your masterpiece at the wall in a melodramatic prima-artiste paddy. Imagine then the patience necessary to produce work like Vietnamese sculptor Diem Chau. Chau specialises in small; very small. She creates micro sculptures atop pencils and crayons. Check them out.

Chau 4

Chau 5

Chau 6

Chau 7

Chau 8

Chau 9

Chau left her native Vietnam in 1986 seeking refuge in the US. Since graduating, her work has been exhibited in Miami, Seattle and LA. Her current exhibition, A-Z Northwest Natives, featuring her painstaking pencil collections is currently being shown at the Gibson gallery in Seattle.

Chau 10




All photos and info via and Chau’s blog

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