Djanii: 3D illusions


Over the past few months an amazing new style of artistic illusion has appeared on YouTube, turning minds everywhere to jelly. It is the creation of Djanii, a Dutch artist from the Hague, who rightly thought his videos suitable to submit to Amazing Stuff.

First take a look at Djanii’s mere hors d’oeuvre, an anamorphic illusion that already begins to toy with your sense of perspective like a game of Japanese binocular football:

But Djanii is not content with merely making people a bit dizzy — he is after full jellification of the brain:

Even when you know what’s going to happen, it still doesn’t fail to amaze:

A visual designer by trade, Djanii claims he invented the illusion more or less by accident when experimenting with anamorphic images, although his presentation was influenced by prolific YouTube experimenteer brusspup.

Asked whether he considers himself a magician or an artist, Djanii replies, “I’m absolutely not a magician. Or I’m a really bad one because I’ve only mastered one trick. I think ‘artist’ is the best way to describe myself.”

Next Djanii plans to take his art to the street, painting public spaces and potentially leading to mind-boggling of the general populace. Bring it on, we say. “I think it’s best to keep my real name to myself,” says he.

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