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Earth Art (eARTh) is an amazing project through and through. In a bid to prevent humans wreaking havoc on the planet, embarked on this ongoing global campaign of aerial artworks, using people as their paint and the planet as their canvas.

The ‘350’ you see emblazoned on all manner of states and territories below refers to the level of carbon dioxide — 350 ppm (parts per million) — that scientists say we need to maintain in the atmosphere in order to preserve life on our planet. Bearing in mind that the current level is around 392 ppm, you can see why they feel they need to make this clear…

Here is a selection of some of’s most amazing Earth Art:

Earth Art eagleEarth art: a bald eagle made of people

Earth Art IndiaNew Delhi, India
A plea to world leaders not to ignore the elephant in the room… and the rising sea levels in the room
Artist: Daniel Dancer

Earth Art EgyptThe Egyptian desert
A scarab beetle holding the sun symbolises the importance of solar energy to Egypt’s future
Artist: Sarah Rifaat

Earth Art MexicoMexico City
A living sun to promote solar energy as a key solution to climate change

Earth Art SpainDelta del Ebro, Spain
A girl wishing climate change away from the Delta
Artist: Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

Earth Art Dominican Republic (satellite image)Dominican Republic
Someone escaping from rising tides onto the roof of their house
(Taken on behalf of Earth by DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-1 satellite, 300 miles up in space)

Earth Art AustraliaNew South Wales, Australia
A giant 350 created on land set aside for creative works. Surely we need more land like this?
Artist: Keith Chidzey

Earth Art HollandUden, The Netherlands
An amazing picture of windmill involving 4,700 young people — almost looks as if it has been painted!
Artist: Daniel Dancer

Earth Art SydneySydney, Australia
A nice bit of light graffiti on the International Day of Climate Action 2009. It was one of 5,200 events worldwide.
Photographer: Peter Solness

Earth Art IcelandLangjökull Glacier, Iceland
A polar bear painted with red, organic food dye
Artist: Bjargey Ólafsdóttir
Photograph: Christopher Lund

Pics via (witness the full scale of the Earth Art campaign on Flickr)

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