Epic street art animation

This has to be one of the most amazing animations you will ever see. Created by anonymous Italian graffiti artist Blu, Big Bang Big Boom is the entire story of the universe from beginning to end, depicted entirely in mind-blowing animated street art.

Make sure you watch the full ten minutes of this video – it’s worth it! Pushing the boundaries beyond his trademark animated wall-painting (which got his last video, MUTO, over 8 million views on YouTube), Blu’s creations here morph from paintings, to sand animations, to magically floating objects which then dissolve back into paintings on the wall. The streets and buildings of this unnamed city suddenly swarm with life!

Despite preferring to keep his identity hidden, Blu has made quite a name for himself over the years. He first gained notoriety through graffiti in his home town of Bologna, Italy; since then, his murals have appeared throughout the world as his grand tours have taken him around Central and South America, much of Europe, and the West Bank where he painted on the infamous wall alongside the likes of Banksy.

For another great example of street art animation, see this recent campaign against knife crime by the Scottish Government and Leith creative agency.

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