Fabian Oefner

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can create the most beautiful art. Take Steve Schubert’s Spinning Wool in a Factory concept – simple concept = amazing stuff. In a similar vein, Fabian Oefner has created his sequence of black holes using a drill, some paint, and centrifugal force.

fabian oefner-1

fabian oefner-2

Swiss-born Oefner is on a mission:

“…a mission to harness elemental forms of natural phenomena and capture them in the most stunning way possible. His aim is to present the unseen and poetic facets of our natural world and to invite us to stop for a moment and appreciate the magic that constantly surrounds us.”

The magic is created by dripping various colours of acrylic paint onto a cylinder which is in turn attached to a drill bit. The photos catch the force of the splash at 1/40000 of a second. Oefner’s work was recently exhibited at TED Warwick to great applause and excitement.

fabian oefner-3

fabian oefner-4

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Fabian’s website features a video of how he creates his mesmeric stills. What’s stopping you the next time a bit of DIY is due?

fabian oefner-10

fabian oefner-11

fabian oefner10

Be sure to check out Fabian’s webpage for more examples of his art.

All info and pics via Fabian Oefner

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