Folded paper art

Having recently returned from a visit Germany, I stumbled upon the meticulous art world of Simon Schubert. Schubert’s medium is paper, and what he does with it is amazing. In his paper art series Papierarbeiten, Schubert slavishly folds and unfolds a single sheet of paper to create a shallow reliefs, making a three dimensional impression which has to be seen to be believed.

folded paper art 1

Folded paper art 2

Folded paper art 3

Folded paper art 4

Folded paper art 5
“The folds are lightless pictures; there is no light portrayed.
It is neither night nor day, and no natural or artificial light dominates the interiors or landscapes; it is a state of irreal, time-suspended neutrality. Everything is placed in an even nonlight, immersed in the same lightness or the same darkness.”
Jens Peter Koerver about Simon Schubert’s folds in “Other Persons, Other Places”.

Folded paper art 6

Folded paper art 7

Folded paper art 8

Folded paper art 9

Folded paper art 10

folded paper art

Cologne based Schubert is currently exhibiting limited works at Saatchi Gallery, Upstairs Berlin and Van Grinten der Galerie.

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