Hal Lasko – 97 year old pixel painter


Hal Lasko, a.k.a. Grandpa, is not necessarily the kind of person that springs to mind when you think of digital art. Grandpa is 97 years old, he is legally blind, and his program of choice is MS Paint. Nonetheless, Lasko’s skill at manipulating raw pixels is second to none.


Art and design have always played a big part in Lasko’s life. During WWII, he was responsible for drafting navigational and weather maps used for reconnaissance and fact-finding missions. While Hal worked in a creative field, he wasn’t able to fully express his artistic inclination on the job, staying up late to paint at home and building up his own portfolio of work. His earlier work ranges from colorful drip paintings to abstract design.


After he retired in 1970, Lasko’s sight started to fail. Suffering from wet macular degeneration, Lasko was registered legally blind in 2005 and he now has only peripheral eyesight. With the onset of the disease and the prospect of never drawing again, Lasko’s family bought him a computer. It was then he discovered Paint in Windows 95, which allowed him to create bitmap images which he could zoom into and concentrate on small sections at a time.


Now approaching a century in age, Lasko has had some of his creations exhibited in his native Ohio. His prints can be purchased by visiting his homepage.

Take a look at Josh Bogdan’s short film which shows a unique insight into Grandpa’s life.

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