Kyle Bean

Every once in a while, an artist comes along who breaks traditions, genre boundaries and artistic etiquette and simply makes tonnes of amazing stuff. British artist Kyle Bean is just one of those people, and to top it all, he’s frustratingly young.

Bean’s specialty is hand crafted models, but this is where formality ends. His work is extraordinarily diverse and he is as happy working with paper as he is with egg shells and motorcycle components. Citing Wallpaper*, Financial Times, Diesel, Wired, New York Times, Selfridges and Hermes as some of his clients, he has been lauded by the art community for his conceptual thinking and craftsmanship.

What came first?

Soft Guerilla for CUT Magazine

A series of window displays at Selfridges inspired by the law of conservation of mass: ‘Matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed’.

Wood portraits

Wood portraits

Bird Flu

Wall Street Rocket Scientist

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