Michael Bosanko: Light graffiti

Michael Bosanko light graffiti 1

Graffiti can really brighten up streets, but it’s not all plain sailing. What if you mess it up? What if you get arrested? What if you run out of wall space? If you are a young graffitist plagued by such issues, you should look into the budding art form of light graffiti. Not only could you create some great art, you will also be considered a master of physics and the universe.

Michael Bosank light graffiti 2

Michael Bosanko is one such wizard. Already a photographer of objects, he began his career in light graffiti in 2004 when taking a long-exposure photo of the moon – he noticed that by moving the camera he was able to trace a word with the light of the moon. The next step was to keep the camera stationary, while doing the same with a more portable light source – i.e. jumping around like a madman waving a torch.

Michael Bosanko light graffiti 3

Since then, Bosanko has pushed the boundaries of light graffiti further and further, using LEDs and torches of different colours and types (even fire) to create magical 3D images which add a fantastical dimension to the photographed landscape. A camera exposure of between 10 seconds and 1 hour is needed to create these images, along with a low ISO setting (e.g. 100) and small aperture so as not to over-expose. Photoshop isn’t used at all.

Michael Bosanko light graffiti 4

Bosanko has also received plenty commissions from big advertisers to produce light graffiti videos. Here’s one he made for Ford:

How do you think it compares with nature’s own light graffiti?

All media featured with the kind permission of Michael Bosanko

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