Muhammad Ali portrait sculpture

Ali sculpture

This portrait of Muhammad Ali by artist Michael Kalish really pulls no punches. It weighs over a tonne, stands 22 feet high and took 3 years of the artist’s life to create. Why so big? Why so long? Because the image of Ali’s face is represented, amazingly, by a collection of 1,300 hanging speedball punch bags.

Ali sculpture 2

As with the amazing railing art we’ve already featured, from most angles the image is invisible – it just looks like a pretty standard collection of 1,300 hanging punchbags. But walk around to the front, and the face of a boxing legend suddenly emerges.

Ali sculpture 3

Several years ago Kalish, known for his depictions of iconic American celebrities made of car license plates, was commissioned by Muhammad and Lonnie Ali to create a portrait of Ali as part of that collection. It was then that he became inspired to embark on this epic project in collaboration with Oyler Wu architectural firm. The amazing product of their labours, entitled ‘Realize’, will be unveiled in Los Angeles on March 25, 2011.

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