Redesigning the $100 bill

Here at Amazing Stuff we are big fans of community projects, especially those that harness the power of the internet. Many of our posts have featured the incredible talent of Aaron Koblin and his unique use of cyberspace. Martin Joubert, a 20 year old Parisian artist and developer of has taken a leaf out of Koblin’s book and built a website which takes the concept of money, and invites the art community to change it.

‘We launched [Make Your Franklin] because we wished to make an international artist community around one unique question: money, that’s why we used the $100 bill — everyone around the world know what it represents,’ said Joubert. ‘Our biggest dream is to make a book with the most beautiful Franklins,’ he said about the future. ‘The goal is to make a sustainable project.’

You can view the rest of the Franklin gallery, or contribute yourself here.

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