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Lucia, Luis y el Lobo (Lucia, Luis and the wolf) is an amazing stop motion animation by Chilean filmmakers Joaquín Cociña, Cristóbal León, and Niles Atallah.

This two-part short film was created entirely from still shots taken with a digital photo camera. The film is narrated by Lucia (part one) and Luis (part two), whose images appear as flickering charcoal shadows on the walls of the house. The artists then really turn on the magic as the painted shadows begin to interact with the furniture, themselves appearing to breathe life into the inanimate objects in the room (reminding us of Blu’s epic street art animation.)

At Amazing Stuff we love to discover anything that pushes the boundaries of our imagination and takes art into new territory. Lucia, Luis y el Lobo does just that, and it has been recognised with a number of Grand Prix at international film festivals, as well as being shortlisted as one of the 25 best YouTube videos at the YouTube-Guggenheim Play biennial exhibition.

If you’re a fan yourself, you’ll be pleased to learn that the artists are currently working on a feature-length stop motion animation, La Casa Lobo (The Wolfhouse).



Videos via Diluvio Gallery

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