UV tattoos

I was busy searching eBay for a 1980s nuclear warfare guidance booklet (weren’t you?), when I stumbled upon this Nuclear Blacklight UV tattoo ink. Further investigation has revealed some amazing UV tattoos which only show up under a blacklight.

Virtually invisible under normal light, black light tattoos are ideal for the young professional cyber raver. (Though do beware of potentially carcinogenic inks.)

For extra subtlety, you can get one on your head – thus it will be revealed only when both your head is shaved and you are at a rave:

Blacklight tattoo

Or style yourself one of the baddies out of Karate Kid, without the need for that ridiculous costume:

UV tattoo skeleton

Girls are also allowed:

UV tattoo stars

Or, if you prefer:

Black light tattoo

Pics via Boing Boing, Unique Picture Hunter, Off Beat Ink

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sophie says:

omg i want the girls tattoo with the stars