Willard Wigan: microscopic artist extraordinaire

Birmingham born artist Willard Wigan is a man obsessed by size. To look at him, with his silver and gold jewellery and heavy watch, one might think he likes the flashier things in life – big house, big car etc. But, Wigan is in fact obsessed with the small; the extremely small. Wigan holds the title for the smallest handmade sculpture ever created, and has also managed to put nine camels through the eye of a needle…

Wigan uses a variety of revolutionary and groundbreaking techniques to create this unique art. Firstly, he uses high powered microscopes to identify fragments as small as 0.000005 mm in length. His colours come from the hairs of flies or the fibres of clothes. Dust particles make excellent beams for houses; spider webs the lines of a ship; while glue is off the cards, molecular pull and natural friction are in. He makes his own tools using shards of glass and flakes of diamond. In order to operate at these microscopic levels, Wigan slows down his heart rate in order to work between pulses in 1.5 second intervals.

Wigan 22

Wigan 33

Wigan 44

Wigan 55

Wigan 66

Wigan appeared at TED in Oxford in 2009 and spoke at length about his work.

Wigan was commended for his contributions to art by Prince Charles and received an MBE in 2007. Since then, titans of the celebrity world have commissioned his work including The Queen, Simon Cowell, Elton John, Mike Tyson and the Obamas.

You can view more of Wigan’s work at

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Vids via TED and SWNS TV

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