NSFW: World Bodypainting Festival

NSFW: contains images of naked, painted women wearing garlands of Barbie dolls

If you heard that there was a festival where loads of models get naked and have pictures painted on them, then parade around with loads of other naked painted people, and then you learned that this has been going on for 15 years without you knowing about it, you may rightly feel as if the whole world had been having an affair behind your back. Well, I’m sorry but…

The 15th annual World Bodypainting Festival was held in Austria this month (July 2012). The epic six-day event is a veritable fruit cocktail for the eyes, and perhaps one of the only places on earth where people experience the unique emotions associated with first learning that they could genuinely fancy an elf. The beautiful town of P├Ârtschach plays host to the event — surrounded by turquoise lakes, it makes an appropriately colourful setting.

This year the festival welcomed artists from 40 countries to daub their unearthly visions onto countless examples of pristine human flesh. Besides the live art, there are live music and international DJ sets, a bodypaint ball in a 500-year-old castle, fashion shows and loads of classes at the Bodypainting Academy. Tickets for the main three days, including everything but classes, go for less than 50 euros.

The World Bodypainting Festival is surely one of the most amazing festivals out there. Here’s our selection of bodypainting pics from past festivals to give you a flavour of this unique event, and the state of body art in the world today. If the last body painting you saw was on Ultimate Warrior’s face, prepare for an overdose:

To learn more or get tickets, visit the official World Bodypainting Festival site

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