Here at Amazing Stuff, we like art, and we especially like street art. Ever the pariah of the art world, street artists are coming up with revolutionary ways to express their form, many of which have been featured on this site. ‘Yarnbombing’ is one of the newest and most colourful techniques.

If you live in a city, you may have seen evidence of this guerilla art. Hundreds of knitters around the world have started wrapping their woolly creations around everything from lamp posts to trees, statues and even tanks.

The craze is thought to have been dreamed up by clothes shop owner Magda Sayeg, 35, from Texas. She set up the website Knitta Please, which started off as a group for frustrated knitters who didn’t know what to do with their half-finished jumpers and scarfs and so started putting them over door handles. Naturally.

The craze quickly took off with Mrs Sayeg’s most outlandish project being the bus featured at the top of the page.

Artist Sarah Hardacre, 31, from Salford, Manchester, has taken up yarnbombing in her spare time. She said: ‘Yarnbombing is all about using the street for making art. I have knitted cosies for trees and even covered an entire garden shed in knitted squares before – it certainly put smiles on peoples faces. It is about the community taking pride in their surroundings and making it look nice and colourful. Yarnbombing is easy to do and can catch the imagination and creativity of so many people.’

Images from Daily Telegraph

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