Caine’s Arcade

Caines Arcade flashmob

Do you ever find yourself lamenting today’s cyber-centric world, where a friend is just a little number on your Facebook profile, where every child is glued to a computer screen, where nobody ever looks you in the eyes any more because your eyes aren’t as interesting as their phone? Lament no more — the amazing story of Caine’s Arcade will bring joy to your misanthropic heart and show you that in the soul of humanity the lights are burning as brightly as ever.

Chapter 1: How the story of Caine’s Arcade all began…

Chapter 2: What Caine’s Arcade has become…


In summary: 9-year-old Caine creates an entire suite of arcade games, using primarily cardboard and imagination. Kindhearted stranger Nirvan Mullick then organises a flashmob surprise, and the event goes viral; the news cameras arrive, it’s the best day of the Caine’s life and everyone has been part of a little piece of history. Mullick creates a short film to tell the story, which also goes viral, getting millions of YouTube views and sparking a pandemic of cardboard creativity. Donations are received to the tune of $215,000 so far, ensuring that Caine can go to college, and these are matched by a charitable foundation to support a global scheme which promotes children’s creativity.

Along the way, Caine has received an invitation to a summer program from MIT, UCLA have offered to map out his academic career for him, and his cardboard arcade has been exhibited at San Francisco’s world-famous Exploratorium science museum. Independent filmmaker Mullick has meanwhile received an offer from a major Hollywood studio to turn the story into a hundred-million-dollar feature film.

Did I catch you before your eyes glazed over?

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