Dear Photograph

How many photographs do you have which will never see the light of day? Tucked away in dusty albums, or worse, a dustless hard drive? Ever wondered how much has changed since you were a child, or when your great-grand parents were alive? Ever wanted to see the difference? Ever wanted to give them a new lease of digital life? Go to

Dear Photograph is the brainchild of Canadian Taylor Jones, and like most good ideas, occurred to him over his family kitchen table. While sifting through photos of yesteryear, he found a picture of his brother in the kitchen, and snapped the first Dear Photograph photograph.

Some funny, some deeply personal, but all poignant in their different ways, Dear Photograph is a showcase for those wishing use their photos to rekindle memories, and share them with the world.

If you do nothing else during your lunch hour, visit this site, and prepare to be moved.

Pics via Dear Photograph

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