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Ai Poppi is a beautiful short documentary about Bruno, an Italian gentleman who for the past 40 years has been building a fairground in the middle of a forest. Originally a side project to attract customers to his woodland restaurant, Ai Poppi, Bruno’s homemade roller coasters have become a major attraction in themselves and developed into something of an obsession for their creator, who likens his passion for his machines to his love of women.

As it happens, Bruno is not the only man on this planet to have tried his hand at a homemade rollercoaster. A quick foray into YouTube’s deepest, darkest backyards has turned up a number of other DIY contraptions that call into question the mental stability of their creators, not to mention the physical stability of their stanchions. Here we bring you the best in class of each material:


John Ivers spent the best part of a decade building the fearsome Blue Flash, and it’s sister coaster Blue Too. Featuring a full 360 loop that pulls more Gs than a Spitfire in a dog fight, the Blue Flash is possibly one of the most intimidating rides in the world, while Blue Too’s four-seater cars take things at a more leisurely pace.

John lives in middle-of-nowhere Indiana (USA), but if you happen to find yourself at the corner of US 150 and Ivers Road (as in John Ivers), he’ll happily let you take a ride.


When Chris Buck decides to make a DIY rollercoaster, he doesn’t do it by halves. Good thing he has a large back garden. Here is a short video about the project, made for Popular Mechanics:


Some homemade rollercoasters are impressive as an exhibition of technical skill, some for the creative fervour they embody. But sometimes you just hear a kid shout “Again, daddy!” and you realise what a mammoth effort a man has made for his son.

Thanks to Boing Boing for their Ai Poppi post

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