Human pixel animation

The crowd performance at an English football match can sometimes be quite impressive: heartfelt renditions of traditional football songs, trumpets and drums, perhaps even a streaker. But the Korean crowd performances take it to a different level, and if you haven’t seen this before, prepare to be amazed:

No schoolboy errors in that pixel-perfect animation, despite the fact that it was filmed at a schoolboy football match. The performers make their amazing transformation into human pixels through the use of ingenious jackets, which are a different colour on each side, and are opened to reveal a third colour underneath.

The video above shows the supporters from Ohyun High School at a school football tournament on the small volcanic island of Jeju, off the south coast of South Korea.

It might look like the South Korean youth are dominating the human pixel animation scene, but their North Korean neighbours may not be so easily outdone. They practice a similar style of animation, but instead of jackets bearing three colours each performer has a book with 170 coloured pages. They perform it at the May Day Stadium which, with 150,000 seats, is the largest stadium in the world. The performance lasts 90 minutes, and begins every evening at 7.00pm.

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