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My day got 300 times better when I discovered this new ‘lip dub’ video from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Who would not want to go a university that advertises itself like this?

Shot a week ago, this is the latest example of a creative genre that has been popping up on YouTube for several years. The term ‘lip dubbing’ was coined by Vimeo founder Jake Lodwick when he filmed himself lip syncing to a song on his MP3 player, then overdubbed the music later. But over the past few years, lip dub videos have evolved into complex exercises of mass choreography, reminiscent of flash mobs, in which a sing-along song is brought to life by the a crowd of born-again rockstars and air guitarists.

The blue sky is truly the limit in this genre, with videos involving as many people, props and sets as the creators can cope with. The city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, truly raised the bar last month, closing down half of the downtown area to film a world record breaking video involving 5,000 of the city’s inhabitants in a fully choreographed extravaganza of lip dubbing and pyrotechnics.

The amazing video, the largest ever made, was filmed in a single shot lasting nearly 10 minutes, with a budget of 40,000 dollars put up by local sponsors. It was created in response to a Newsweek article which named Grand Rapids as one of America’s ‘dying cities’. What a way to prove that wrong!

US film critic Roger Ebert called it ‘the greatest music video ever made’. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so just did both. Enjoy it.

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