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In B flat

For every million people mindlessly Twittering into the void, there are a handful exploring the vast new creative frontiers technology presents, and coming up with some amazing stuff! There are few better examples of this than

In B flat is a multi-video collaborative post-rock musical and spoken word composition. In other words, there isn’t really a term for this kind of thing yet! It was conceived by US musician and producer Darren Solomon, who discovered that YouTube allows embedded videos to be played simultaneously on the same webpage. He decided to experiment with recording instrumental tracks in separate videos, and when this worked out well, asked for public contributions. The main criteria for recordings was that they be in the key of B flat, not played to any tempo, not too loud and not more than 1-2 minutes long.

For the final cut, Solomon selected 19 instrumental videos – everything from a banjo to a Nintendo DS synthesiser! – plus one spoken word piece, Information by Daniel Donahoo.

The result is truly a new art form with endless possibilities. Traditional boundaries between composer, performer and listener are lost. While Solomon stipulated loose criteria for the recordings, it was up to the individual players to decide what exactly they would play, though the final composition is determined equally by the play order and volume chosen by you!

You can play around with it for ages:

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