Amazing singing ventriloquist

Terry Fator is a singing ventriloquist.

He began his career as a ventriloquist age 10, and over the past 30 years has mastered over 100 ventriloquial impressions, which is amazing both in itself, and as one of the few existing examples of the use of the word ‘ventriloquial’. Thank you – that’s just my little side show.

The amazing video comes from Mr Fator’s 2007 America’s Got Talent audition. He went on to win the series and was described by Simon Cowell, who he had the misfortune to encounter, as one of the top two entertainers on the planet.

Terry Fator may now be a US superstar, but there is no fame great enough to keep a singing ventriloquist from the pages of Amazing Stuff.

With thanks to The Stioss.

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