Amazing Tupac Hologram

By now, it’s likely that you have seen, heard or read about the technological ‘reincarnation’ which occurred on stage at the Cochella festival last weekend. Tupac Shakur, killed during a drive-by shooting in 1996 (a crime which remains unsolved to this day) re-took the stage after a 16-year hiatus, in holographic form. Have a look at this amazing video. N.B This video contains explicit language and is not suitable for office or nursery viewing.

The stunt is another step for the juggernaut that is the post-Tupac marketing machine. Since his death, there have been eight Tupac albums, two more than he released in his lifetime, all entering in the US Charts top 10. That is not to mention a bronze statue, a cartoon series and claymation animation series. The insatiable demand for Tupac is fuelled by conspiracy theories surrounding his death, with many fans refusing to believe his demise, some suggesting he’s shacked up with the Notorious BIG in New Zealand

We may never find out what really happened on that night in Las Vegas in 1996, the night of Shakur’s ‘disappearance’, and that will do fine for the moneymakers behind virtual Tupac: reported to cost £250,000 to create, the CGI simulacrum is set to join Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg on a world tour. Harnessing latent Tupac fans, conspiracy theorists and techno-junkies, the return on investment looks guaranteed.

“Dre has a massive vision for this,” said Digital Domain’s El Ulbrich, who led the CGI project. “This is not found footage. This is not archival footage. This is an illusion … [and it] is just the beginning.”

The question is, how far can this go? With advances in robotic technology and computers that can think for themselves, surely it isn’t long before we can have breakfast with Elvis, lunch with Mother Theresa and Dinner with James Dean.

Pics and Vids via The Guardian

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