Epic 4-min beatbox

It is fairly obvious what this man is doing and equally obvious that he’s doing a good job of it. It may be less obvious that this man is not Vin Diesel. Anyway, he’s not.

He is in fact known as Eklips, he is French and (as you may gather) he is an old hand at the human beatboxing game. In this epic 4-min video he takes a labial journey through hip-hop history, reproducing snippets of over 30 hip-hop tracks on the way, including Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, Tupac, Eminem and Dr Dre. And all without a discernible French accent! (Well, he lets it slip at the end…)

In all seriousness, there are very few humans who could manage to beatbox like this for even a fraction of the time, not to mention the artistry of mixing so many tracks. Eklips has taken it to a new level.

Not surprising that the video has had almost a million views on YouTube since it was put up four days ago.

If you want to see how Eklips performs live, check out his MySpace page.

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