j.viewz, or Jonathan Dagan to his Mum, is an Israeli born, Brooklyn based sound lord. Grammy nominated and internationally lauded, views is a master audio sculptor; he uses samples and analog audio looped, synced and looped again to create progressive soundtracks for the twenty first century.

“But why is he on amazing stuff? Granted his music is good, and the video is cool but what else?” Fear not gentle reader, perhaps I should mention viewz can play vegetables… really well.

The principle is relatively simple: views uses the vegetables as circuits which he then closes with his fingers and links up to a keyboard and in turn to a synthesiser. By looping the sound and selecting the emissions of his fruit and veg, Massive Attack’s haunting melody is suddenly coming out of his weekly shopping.


I’m really intrigued by the combination of acoustic and electronic instruments. I started to be obsessed with the ‘organic’ element in electronic music, sound wise. From there, involving real organic ‘buttons’ made some funny sense. – j.viewz


Be sure to check out j.viewz’s website and look at his youtube channel

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