Linsey Pollak

Musicians know that while practice does make perfect and having a good tutor really helps, having the right instrument is just as important. That is unless your name happens to be Linsey Pollak, when any old piece of tat will make an impressive addition to your makeshift orchestra. The real action starts after 0:55.

Australian Pollak describes himself as a music maker, instrument designer, music director and community music facilitator. Using a Boss RC20, he records various layers of music which loop together to create the incredible melodies. Here he turns the humble carrot into a musical dynamo.

Linsey has been making musical instruments since 1971 when he started making bamboo flutes. This led to making a range of renaissance flutes from wood. An Australia Council grant in 1976 enabled him to travel in Europe measuring early woodwinds in museum collections. He then set up a workshop in London for 2 years making renaissance flutes and also began making reed instruments, especially gaidas (bagpipes) from Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Will you ever look at a root vegetable in the same way? Check out Linsey’s other amazing stuff (including a rubber glove bagpipe and glass clarinet) at

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