OK Go: Human kaleidoscope

NB. As it says at the start of the video, there’s a much more amazing interactive version at! Watch it there (ideally with Chrome browser, on a fast computer) and you’ll understand!

If any band has mastered the slippery art of the viral music video, it is OK Go. With a total of over 125 million views of their video creations on You Tube, OK Go are probably better known for their videos than they are for their music. But they are more than just eccentric and well synchronised dancers: they are helping to forge a new model for bands in the internet age.

Every OK Go video release is now automatically an internet event, but the L.A.-based band have continued to push the artistic and technical boundaries for their latest song, All Is Not Lost. A collaboration with modern dance group Pilobolus and Google Chrome, this is more than just a video; it is a work of interactive digital art following in the freshly laid footprints of The Wilderness Downtown (another Chrome Experiment) and the Johnny Cash Project.

The work consists of 12 separate videos of the band and dancers performing on top of a transparent screen, filmed from below. Controlled by the HTML 5 coding of the website, these videos split up into separate browser windows, creating the effect of a human kaleidoscope on your screen – a 21st century Busby Berkeley. The performers then begin to spell letters, and… then comes the interactive part – but you’ll have to go and experience that for yourself!

If you like that, you have to see some of OK Go’s other creations. The band had their first major success with Here It Goes Again, in which the four band members performed a dance routine on treadmills. Since then, they have created one of the biggest and most complex Rube Goldberg machines (This Too Shall Pass – a truly amazing video), and performed an amazing stop-motion dance routine in a park (End Love).

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