Quiet Ensemble

Italian artistic collective Quiet Ensemble combine technology and nature in the creation of music and art, to represent what they call the ‘invisible concerts’ of everyday life. In other words, things like this, entitled Quintetto:

Yes, the goldfish are playing music by swimming (what else could they be expected to do?). Each goldfish has its own electronic instrument, activated when the tank is lit up. Sensors then track the colour and movement of the fish, converting it via Ableton Live and Isadora software into ambient sound.

But not all the work of Quiet Ensemble is so hi-tech. Orchestra da Camera (Chamber Orchestra) converts the running of mice into sound mechanically, creating an equally fascinating, if slightly more steampunk, audio-visual performance:

Like all great art, the work of Quiet Ensemble can help us see the world through fresh eyes:

“Looking at the world and the infinite events composing it as pure forms and movements, sounds and colours just like a painting, video or music piece, we focus on the principles of causality, paying attention to the causes and effects of chaos and it’s opposite, control/order, by underlining small events and their greatness.”

Small events are no better underlined than by the piece Natura Morta (Still Life), which amplifies the electrostatic contact between human skin and pieces of fruit (à la j.viewz) to create music:

Quiet Ensemble - Natura Morta

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