Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts is a Brooklyn based, German born, Franco-Afro comedian, musician and vocal artist. With such a diverse background and professional range, you might expect his act to be eclectic… and you would be right. Blending looped a capella performances – similar to Linsey Pollak – with dead-pan humour and perfect comic timing, Watts will either have you confused, or laughing, or simply impressed. If you want the music, skip to 3:13 and 7:12. (Don’t worry, he doesn’t speak in Spanish and French for long.)

What makes Watts’ comedy unique is that it comes in the form of an unscripted, improvisational stream of consciousness. Here is a 15-minute clip showcasing Watts’ incredible vocal skills. Watch it all if you can; if not, from 2:30. Ladies and gentlemen, the intimidating, uncompromising talent of Reggie Watts.

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