Symphony of Science

If ever there was a case for the value of remix culture to society, the Symphony of Science is it. Washington-based composer John Boswell, a.k.a. Melodysheep, remixes popular science documentaries and lectures into memorable songs designed to inspire the short-attention generation and keep everyone in touch with key scientific concepts.

Boswell uses excerpts from momentous TV series, such as Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Stephen Hawking’s Universe, as well as interviews and lectures from other eminent scientists, such as biologist David Attenborough, and physicists Richard Feynman and Neil deGrasse Tyson. These he processes using Autotune software to create a melody out of their words, laying this over a backing track he creates himself.

The effect of seeing these luminaries singing passionately about their science is both humorous and strangely catchy, which is what gives the Symphony of Science such potential as an educational tool. And it seems to be working: Melodysheep’s videos have already received over 30 million views on YouTube.

The Symphony of Science has truly marked Boswell as one of the new media’s chief scientific evangelists, and he has been the recipient of Real Player’s Video Visionary Award for education. In an interview following the award he said:

“I believe it’s crucial that the general public has a basic understanding of science and the scientific issues that our society currently faces. The success of our civilization is owed in large part to scientific discoveries, and its progress and upkeep will depend upon future scientific research and new technologies. Without a public that is at least generally aware of the importance and awesomeness of science, it will be a lot harder to overcome the hurdles this century presents us.”

I’ve never felt so part of the human race.

See the Symphony of Science in its entirety (with lyrics) at

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