Tony Melendez

Meet Tony Melendez, singer, songwriter and performer. Born in Nicaragua, Melendez was born without arms. Instead of using this as an excuse, at the age of 16, Melendez began to learn to play the guitar, with his feet. In the following video, Melendez plays the Beatles classic Let It Be while on holiday on South Padre island. It would be easy to plug Melendez with platitudes of inspiration and courage, but it’s best if you just watch the video.

When Pope John Paul II visited the States in 1987, Melendez was part of a special concert to welcome the pontiff. Visibly moved, the pope descended from his chair to embrace Melendez after his performance saying, “My wish to you, is to continue giving this hope to all the people.” See from 0:27 for the start of his performance.

Here Tony explains how he became interested in playing the guitar and the secret behind his chord production.

Vids via, John316Acts2 and spislandbreeze

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