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This Amazing Stuff exclusive comes courtesy of our man in Paris, Louis Dumas. A couple of years ago, Louis spent several months reintroducing monkeys to the wild at a sanctuary in El Chapar, Bolivia. It was then that he took this video of monkey, Pete, doing the washing up:

“Pete had been observing me washing the pots for a few days before he took over and began completely and perfectly imitating me!

The monkey on his back is a baby female called Pea. She is not his daughter. Pete had an unfortunate overbite which made him a particularly ugly monkey; he had very little success with the ladies and therefore looked after babies a lot.”

Pete might look quite amazingly civilised for a monkey (note how he even rinses the brush before continuing to wash), but working with monkeys isn’t all Fairy Liquid — shortly after arriving at the sanctuary, Louis was informed that his predecessor had a finger bitten off.

Still, Louis himself came back intact. “Those months spent with the monkeys were probably the most magical time of my life,” he said.

Louis monkeysLouis with the monkeys

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UPDATE: Since this post on Amazing Stuff, Pete the Monkey has become a viral hit, featured on TV stations around the world. Building on this success, Louis and Duncan have launched the Pete the Monkey Project to help construct Bolivia’s premier wild animal refuge — and release more viral videos along the way! Find out more at

SECOND UPDATE (5/11/2014): Three years since this original post, the Pete the Monkey project has now evolved into a unique festival – the aptly-named Pete the Monkey Festival! The festival, which grew out of the Pete the Monkey Project, takes place every summer by the sea in Normandy, France, and each year it’s getting better and better. If you’re in Europe next summer, make sure you stop by for a dose of monkey love!

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Johnson says:

Louis has always been a total MONKEY!

MissD says:

Louis is YUMMO.

kay F says:

Nice one Louis! Makes me smile xxx Glad to see you must have learnt to wash up well yourself