Amazing volcano photos

Skarphedinn Thrainsson, easy for you to say, is the one of the world’s most daring photographers. While others hone their creative skills snapping still life and pretty buildings, the 39 year-old Icelander dices with death while avoiding showers of molten larva to collect these incredible pictures.

Thrainsson is thrilled by the beauty and awesome power of nature, but also by pushing his creative boundaries. ‘It’s incredibly dangerous and sometimes I have to walk across the new lava so could easily get burned…You feel very small and powerless in front of a volcano. And going back to normal landscape photography is just boring after it.’

Thrainsson’s photographs are so dramatic, one is able to pick out mysterious images – a black swan in this picture. I wonder if he’s seen the footage from the American tornado?

Living in Iceland, Thrainsson is able to obtain incredible images of the the world’s most dramatic volcanic explosions, with the beautiful backdrop of the Northern lights.

Among his vast portfolio, Thrainsson also captured pictures of the infamous Eyjaafjallajokull eruption which decimated European airspace two years ago. Despite the thrill of the chase, Thrainsson is all too aware of the dangers involved. ‘I remember one night while shooting the lightning the wind suddenly changed directions and the black cloud started to reach me. I drove back from the area with dust in my mouth and nasty smell in the air. When I got away from the cloud, I shot some photos of the lightning. They were striking almost to the exact spot where I was earlier in the night. Two people died in a tragic way when they got lost that night after observing the volcano.’

Pics via Daily Mail

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