Hailstones destroy car

The people in this car have driven to the wrong end of town. At this end of town, where the poison gas factory is located, ice bombs rain down from the heavens. It’s surprising that these folks sound so happy about it all!

It’s hard not to be impressed by amazing weather like this, even if it is destroying your car. Such huge hailstones as are required for automobile destruction are known to fall at up to about 110mph. They swirl around at similar speeds in the cumulonimbus clouds where they are born, which can pose a challenge for planes flying through these clouds – this one suffered a hole the size of a football!

The largest hailstone ever recorded in the United States measured 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter and weighed 1.93 pounds (0.88 kg). But the US has it easy: in Bangladesh in 1986, a giant storm of “grapefruit-sized” hail killed almost a hundred people in 1986; a hundred years before that, an Indian hailstorm is said to have wiped out more than 1,600 animals.

Yeah, so hailstones destroyed your car. So what?

Video via Joanne Casey

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