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Generally, human beings do not allow their attention to be captured for too long by insects. Unless, of course, a particular insect is annoying the hell out of you, which no doubt it is. But when you take a closer look at these boring, irritating insects, you actually realise that they have magnificent faces — much more interesting than your average human being.

After first capturing the insects and putting them in a fridge to make them lethargic enough to pose, photographers such as Omid Golzar magnify these queens of cool using macro photography techniques (Golzar in fact uses a reversed 28mm lens). Take a look and gain a new appreciation of these amazing miniature colour monsters:

Insect Macros 2


Insect Macros 3


Insect Macros 4


Insect Macros 5

House fly

Insect Macros 6


Insect Macros 7

Insect Macros 8

Insect Macros 9


Via Daily Mail and The Photo Mag

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